INSPIRE services

For the use of spatial data, network services have been created through which it is possible to discover, transform, view and download data. In order to make spatial data interoperable across Europe, common specifications and requirements have been adopted for network services.

The network services are divided into:

  • discovery services,
  • view services,
  • download services,
  • transformation services.

The address of the Estonian Discovery Service is:
The service is characterized by a GetCapabilities request.
The Discovery Service is more convenient to use through the spatial data catalogue.

Discovery services can be used from the menu Metadata. View services can be used, i.e. spatial data can be viewed in the geoportal’s map window, which is under the menu Map. View services (WMS services) can be used in other geoportals and GIS softwares independent of the Estonian geoportal.

Last update: 10.02.2022 15:38
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